Spring Parker Accelerating Health Care Performance

Risk can no longer be ignored in health care.

A risk vs reward mentality must also be coupled with risk vs regret. Gambling that an adverse event will never happen is not a viable approach to running a health care business. It is time to transform the model from reactive to proactive.

Welcome to The Risky Health Care Business Podcast, where we help you prepare for the future by sharing stories, insights, and skills from expert voices in and around the United States health care world. The purpose is to inform, educate, and help organizations and individuals throughout the dental, medical, and veterinary health care industry with risk, while hopefully having some fun along the way.

What exactly is risk in health care? Where is it? How can you prepare for risk and overcome it? Why does it exist and why must it be addressed? We are in a transformational time in health care. Have our models evolved to meet the moment?

In this podcast, you will hear in-depth interviews, powerful insights, resourceful skills, and more from people at the forefront of this exciting time in the health care industry. A new episode is published every 2 weeks, a long form guest interview around 30 minutes. Each episode has show notes to help you navigate the episode along with a full episode transcript.


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