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Welcome to The Risky Health Care Business Podcast, where we help you prepare for the future by sharing stories, insights, and skills from expert voices in and around United States health care. I'm your host, Scott Nelson, a guy that grew up in Ohio and has been working all over the United States during my 20 plus year and counting career in the health care industry. I'm on a mission to inform, educate, and help organizations and individuals throughout dental, medical, and veterinary care with risk while hopefully having some fun along the way.

This podcast is not about health care as a risky business investment. It's about the risk that's involved in health care. Risk can mean many things to many people. We talk with professionals at the forefront of health care and discuss: What is risk in health care? Why is there risk in health care? How can risk be managed?  

The yearly numbers and dollar amounts of adverse events in health care continue to increase. Cyberattacks. Disaster incidents. Legal matters. What could slow down or shut down your health care business? Or even worse? Risk can no longer be ignored. A risk versus reward mentality must also be coupled with risk versus regret. Are you 100% certain that you and your business would survive a shock event? Gambling that an adverse event will never happen is not a viable approach to running a health care business. It's time to transform the model from reactive to proactive. 

We talk about risk around topics and themes like cash management and what affects your financial positions, the economy and interest rates, patients and unemployment, staffing, technology, and more. 

We share information that can apply to any health care organization anywhere in the US, ranging from one doctor practices to large, integrated systems or organizations, from small towns and rural communities, to big cities and urban settings. And any person working in or with health care, from clinicians to staff to allied collaborators.  

In this podcast you'll hear in-depth interviews, powerful insights, resourceful skills, and more from people at the forefront of this exciting time in the health care industry. Some of the guests include Tamara Johnson, Vice President Quality and Risk Management at Phoenix Children's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. "When we hear the word risk, likely not always positive. Most of the catastrophic events that occur is because the risk wasn't anticipated." Dr. Paul Casamassimo, board certified pediatric dentist, Professor Emeritus at the Ohio State University, and an attending dentist at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. "It's really understanding risk. The different layers of risk. Ask yourself: Am I covered? Am I protected? One of the things that we don't really appreciate is hidden risk. Dentistry has barely scratched the concept of risk and safety." Colin Carr, CEO of CARR, a national health care real estate company. "When it comes to the economics, it's going to affect cash flow, it's going to affect profitability. Looking at all the different areas where you can lose or win money. If you miss a negotiation deal point, that's pretty significant." 

We publish a new episode every two weeks, a long form guest interview around 30 minutes. You can find a complete list that's easy to navigate in the resource center section of the SpringParker website, springparker.com, or click the Listen link in the episode to listen and subscribe for free on your platform of choice. Each episode has show notes to help you navigate the episode along with a full episode transcript. 

The show is The Risky Health Care Business Podcast. It's available Tuesday, August 29 and it's every other Tuesday. And you can subscribe now. 

Accelerating health care performance is creativity, not just productivity. Thank you for joining me.

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